Homeward Bound Treasures

Dear Friends,


We are sorry to share with you the news that we will be closing Homeward Bound Treasurers (HBT). Despite outstanding work by all our staff at HBT, we have not been able to sell enough to cover the cost of operating the store. The store looks great, has well priced merchandise and great customer service but all these positives have not been enough to generate the sales volume we need to cover costs.


Homeward Bound Treasures has been an asset to HHC and the community for eleven years. We are grateful to John Russell for all his work getting the store started and for all the staff and volunteers who have worked so hard to make HBT a resource in our community. We are also grateful to all the donors who gave and the customers who shopped. Thousands of quality items have found new homes with the help of our donors and customers. A special thank you to Nicole Thomas our current store manager for all her efforts to find ways to increase income by making the store as attractive as possible. Nicole will be transitioning to new duties at HHC and will continue to make a contribution to the effort to address homelessness.


We will be winding down HBT operations over the coming weeks. John Russell has generously agreed to volunteer his time to help make this transition as smooth as possible. The store will be open for a few weeks as we wind down. As we transition from HBT we plan to deepen our partnership with Habitat's Restore by directing donors to their location and purchasing items in their store to help outfit apartments for guests we are housing. Our hope is that great furniture can continue to find a home with the help of the Restore.


Thank you again to all who have made it possible for HBT to serve our community for so many years.