Frequently Asked Questions

(or, how does this virtual walk thing actually work?)

Why do a virtual walk?

Due to restrictions on public gatherings because of the coronavirus, we can't hold our usual downtown Walk, which typically attracts hundreds of people. This is a way for us to walk in solidarity with our homeless neighbors no matter where we are.

How does it work?

It's pretty simple, really. You register for the Walk by purchasing a ticket for $15, then on Sunday, April 19th, you can walk anywhere you are-- either by yourself or with your family. You can take a walk around your neighborhood or visit a local park. Then, take a selfie, or a short video, and post it to social media using the hashtag #walkwithme2020. You can also email your picture or video to Everyone who submits a photo will be entered into a drawing to win a prize from a participating local business.

How does a virtual walk raise money?

Every person who walks buys a virtual "ticket" for $15. In the past, we've had hundreds of people walking, which means ticket sales alone can raise thousands of dollars. In addition, each person who walks is encouraged to recruit family and friends to sponsor them. Some people raise as much as $1000 through family and friends! Finally, many local businesses and organizations sign on to be official Walk sponsors, helping to raise the final tally.

Won't I look silly walking by myself?

No way! In fact, you may just inspire others to donate, especially if you get creative and make a sign for your walk. Besides, you're not really walking all by yourself. If we all do this together, there will be hundreds of people walking to end homelessness up and down the shoreline of southeastern Connecticut and beyond!

If I can't walk, can I still help?

Absolutely! You can still purchase a ticket for $15 to help raise money. You can also start an online fundraiser on Facebook. Just click this link and follow the prompts, and you are on your way!

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