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Building Resiliance

Donald needed shelter at the Homeless Hospitality Center for only two days, but became connected with all the services the Center offers, then. 


After his brief stay, he moved on to sober housing and now has his own place and a full-time job. Katherine, NLHHC's employment coordinator is in awe of Donald and the great choices he makes, including but not limited to calling her and checking in daily while his resilience builds.  Today, Donald has a home and works full time at a restaurant out of town.  He manages to get to and from work no matter what, even when transportation is a challenge.  Donald often stays late at work to learn everything about the restaurant business and build his career.  He is looking for ways to further his education.  Donald is overcoming the barriers that so many face when it comes to building the life that we want, and we are proud of him. 

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