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How We Help

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Volunteers in our Help Center work with guests on whatever they need to get their lives back in order -- from drafting resumes to getting a copy of a birth certificate. The program is supported by the Bodenwein Public Benevolent Foundation, the Dime Bank Foundation and the Pfizer Foundation.

We offer newly housed guests furnishings -- including a bed -- and other household items. The program is supported by the Chelsea Groton Foundation.

We provide hospitality and a bridge to permanent housing.


Our 40-bed shelter is a place of safety and welcome. A nine-room respite area provides 24-hour care to those facing health crises, from cancer to pneumonia.

Rebuilding Lives

We offer personalized support to connect people to the help they need, whether it’s a new driver’s license, treatment for an addiction or a bus ticket home.

Permanent Housing

We help guests find affordable housing and often assist with payments for a security deposit and first month’s rent.

Because most of our guests have very limited income, they have only a handful of options, including market rate housing, subsidized housing and transitional units such as sober houses and live-in training programs.

A Focus on Housing Support

We are working hard to build our capacity to deliver cost-effective, person-centered, high-quality housing support services to our neighbors who have experienced homelessness and need support to exit homelessness and to maintain permanent housing.


Our services are focused. We partner with other agencies wherever and whenever possible, and we directly offer only those services which we are uniquely positioned to provide.

The level of support depends on the needs of the individual. Even some who are diverted from shelter or provided with rapid rehousing assistance benefit from at least short-term support as they transition to permanent housing. Especially important to us is assuring links to community based mainstream services.

HHC: Landlord

We offer inexpensive quarters in four houses in New London.

A Steward Street purchase was made possible by a gift from the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme honoring the Rev. David Good on his retirement, and a purchase on Broad Street was made with the support of the Robert G. Youngs Family Foundation.

Residents have their own rooms and share a kitchen and living area. The arrangement keeps costs down for renters, gives them a clean and safe place to live, and provides a sense of community.

In addition, in 2019, NLHHC broke ground on a fifth property on Friendship St., which will also become affordable housing.

We acquired this house on Broad Street in New London through the support of the Robert G. Youngs Family Foundation.

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