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Our Major Funders

Thank you!

More than 500 individuals made gifts to HHC in 2020-2021. We appreciate their support, and are grateful for the commitment of these foundations, governments, businesses, organizations and individuals.

Faith Communities


All Souls Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Calvary Church Stonington

Christ the King Church

Church of the City of New London

Colchester Federated Church

Congregational Church of North Stonington

Crossroads Presbyterian Church

Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

First Baptist Church in Essex

Flanders Baptist Church

First Congregational Church of Old Lyme

Groton Congregational Church

International Family Worship Center

Ladies Benevolent Society FCCOL

Ledyard Congregational Church, Inc.

Lifehouse Church

Mystic Area Ecumenical Council

Mystic Congregational Church

Mystic Congregational Church Women's Fellowship

Niantic Community Church

Noank Baptist Church Fellowship Fund

Park Congregational Church

South Lyme Union Chapel

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

St. James Episcopal Church of New London

St. John's Christian Church

St. Luke Lutheran Church Gales Ferry

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

St. Mary's Church

Temple Emanu-el

United Church of Stonington

United Methodist Church of Gales Ferry

Valley Shore Assembly of God

Federal and State Government


Community Development Block Grant—New London

Community Development Block Grant-Stonington

CT Department of Housing

CT Housing Finance Agency

CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Department of Administrative Services

Emergency Food and Shelter Program


Southeastern Mental Health Authority

US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Veterans Administration



Berkshire Bank Foundation

Bob's Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation

Bodenwein Public Benevolent Foundation

Chamber Of Commerce Of Eastern Connecticut

Charter Oak Federal Credit Union

Charter Oak Federal Credit Union's Community Outreach Committee

Chelsea Groton Foundation

Chester Kitchings Family Foundation

Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut

Connecticut Health Foundation Inc.

Dime Bank Employees

Dime Bank Foundation, Inc.

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation

Douglas S.  and Barbara J. Barrett Family Foundation

Edward and Mary Lord Foundation

Electric Boat Employees' Community Services Association

Eversource Energy Foundation Inc.

Frank Loomis Palmer Fund

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Liberty Bank Foundation

Maximillian & Marion Hoffman Foundation

Montauk Foundation

Panoram Foundation Inc.

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Robert G. Youngs Family Foundation

Schwab Charitable  Make a Difference

Sibley-Saltonstall Charitable Foundation

Teresa's Giving Fund

The Cactus Jack Foundation

The James P. & Mary E. Shea Perpetual Trust

The Nancy Krant and John Oliva Charitable Fund

Reliance Health

The Roxanne and Henry Brandt Foundation


United Way of Southeastern Connecticut

Waterford Group Charitable Foundation



City of New London

Town of East Lyme

Town of Griswold

Town of Groton

Town of Lisbon

Town of Lyme

Town of Montville

Town of Preston

Town of North Stonington

Town of Old Lyme

Town of Stonington

Town of Waterford

Business and Civic Organizations


A. W Marina, LLC

Antonino Auto Group Community Strong Fund

ASA Environmental Products

Benvenuti Oil Company Inc.

BSA Troop 240

Colonial Cooperative Care

Columbus House

Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness

Connecticut College

Connecticut Communications

Corporation for Supportive Housing

Daughters of Isabella Circle 582 - Father Brennan Circle

East Lyme High School


General Woodcraft

Greenbrier Building and Restoration

Horgan Law Offices

Integrated Security Solutions

Ledyard Lions Club

MJ Sullivan Automotive Center

Mystic Area Ecumenical Council

Nancy's Salon

Oasis Pub

Robinson + Cole

Savvy Optics Corporation

Sayet & Seder

Secor Auto Center

Shamrock Motor Company

Smith Insurance

Spindrift Guitars

St. Francis House
St. James Episcopal Church Jumble Shop

Studio 33 Art & Frame Gallery

The Hillery Company

The Power of Together of Mystic

The Power of Together of Niantic

Vanguard Charitable

Visiting Nurse Association of Southeast CT

Water Street Design Associates

Waterford Smilow Cancer Hospital

Yankee Remodeler

Individual Donors

Cameron Aaron                                        

Donald and Patricia Abraham          

Nicole Abraham                                                     

Douglas Ackerman                                                    

Joel Ackerman and Tina DuBosque

Mark and Sara Adams          

Amy and James Agles           

Linda and Paul Agranovitch

Renzo Albertoni                                        

Annabelle Allen                                        

Jane Allen                                                    

Jerilyn and Todd Allen         

Sarah Allen                                                 

Anthony Ambrosini                                                   

Michelle Ancion                                        

Eric Anderson                                            

Ralph and Martha Anderson               

Joseph and Patricia Anderson            

Barbara Anselmi                                       

April and Joqquin Arroyo    

Eleanor Ashburn                                      

Sharon and Carl Astor          

Robert Atherton                                       

Susan Ayers                                                

Marianne and Sam Baez     

Bridget  Baird                                             

Robert and Barbara Ballard              

Nancy and Rowland Ballek              

Melanie Barba                                           

Sherry Barnes                                        

Angela Barney                                        

Marilyn Barr                                               

Douglas and Barbara Barrett              

Matthew Barrett and Elizabeth Hamilton

Deborah and Tim Bates       

Ann and James Beahan      

James and Virginia Beall     

Pam Bedore                                               

Friedrich Behringer and Juliann Martel

Judy Beisler                                                

Tina Belmont                                             

Quentin Benedetto                                                   

Katrina Bercaw                                       

Polly Berg                                             

Mary Berger                                         

Danielle Bergh                                           

Natalie and Clare Billing  

Virginia Birt                                                

Diana and Richard Blair  

Barbara Block                                            

Karen and Stanley  Bloustine         

Megan Boben                                         

Erin Boettcher                                           

Wayne Boettner                                                      

Patricia Bolles                                            

Sandy Borden                                       

Paul and Fanny Boudreau  

John and Martha Bradshaw                 

Madeline Bragg                                        

John and Jane Braselton     

Amber Brennan

John Brennan and Fran Sullivan

Joan and Justin Brinner       

Mary Broughton-Crane                         

Carole and David Brown     

Carrie and Mikel Brown      

Katim Brown                                              

Laura Brown                                         

Sandra and Ray Brown        

Dorothy Bruce                                           

Erin Buck                                                     

William Budds                                           

Colton Buhler                                         

Sabrina Burner                                          

Michael Burns                                           

Deborah and Robert Burnside            

Jacquie   Burzycki                                     

Gay Buths                                           

Joseph  Buths                                           

Cynthia Butler                                           

Deborah and Jonathan Butler             

Richard and Alice Butler      

Julie Cagle                                           

Sarah Cahill                                           

Joseph and Langston Camerlin        

Brynn Campbell                                                     

John Carney                                        

Stacey Cassidy                                       

Marge Caste                                           

Margaret Cawley                   

Betty Chantrell                                                      

Dorothy and David Charbonneau      

Rebecca Chase                                          

Cara Cheung                                       

Katherine and Paul Choiniere             

Lori Ciccone                                                

Tom Clark and Judy Benson

Florence Clarke                                         

Kristin Clarke                                         

Natasha Claudio                                       

Christopher and Margarida Clouet

Alisha      Clyden                                        

Bradley Cohen                                           

Leeland Cole-Chu and Emily Williams

Linze Coleman-Bagge                                        

Emily Collins                                         

Kathryn and David Collins  

Norma Comins                                       

Anne and Thomas Condon

Brian Condon                                      

Carole and George Cone     

Denise  Conejo                                        

John Connor,                                      

Jack and Michelle Cook       

Diane  Cooper                                       

Peter Cooper and Pat Mandell

David Copp                                            

Hector Correa                                         

Sylvia Correia                                       

Rosie Cortez-Rivera                                             

Art and Cecile Costa                           

Joan and Peter Costas          

Joseph Courtney                                                     

William Craig                                             

Patricia Crawford                                     

Steven and Kathleen Crook              

Rebecca Crosby                                        

Sabrina and Adam Crowe   

Bruce and Ellen Cummings                  

Jorge Cunha                                               

Irene Cygan                              

Peter Daitch                                               

Mary Dangremond                                                    

Denise and Marie Darcell   

Lillith Davies Smith                                                    

Jeanette Davis                                           

Joyce and Brent Davis          

Katelyn Davis                                             

Lisa Davis                                                     

Robert and Ellen Davis      

Stephanie Davis                                        

Grace DeGrooth                                                    

Lynne DeLucia                                      

Marta Denny                                         

Jeanne and Eric Deschene                 

Maggie DiPalo                                           

Barbara Dixon                                           

Evelyn Dixon                                           

Augie  Djerdjaj                                      

Marian  Dobbs                                         

Kevin and Krista Dobo       

Kathleen Doherty                                    

Mary Doherty                                      

James and Patricia Doran   

David Dorfman                                                      

Denise Doughty                                     

Robert and Martha Dow  

Paul Doyle                                           

Mary Drake                                          

Victor and Paula Dufault                  

Lindsey Duff                                               

William and Elizabeth Dumond          

Douglas and Marcia  Dumond            

David  and Claire Dundorf                

Andrea Dunn                                           

Daniel  Dyer                                             

Syma Ebbin and Michael Kane

Karyn  Eckert                                         

Terry Eddy                                            

Eileen Ego                                               

Dale Eichholz                                     

Marc  Ekstrand                                    

Gregory Esposito                                      

Joyce Esposito                                     

Antoinette and Henry Essex                

David Evans                                           

Nicholas and Clare Evento

Dulcie  Everitt                                         

Chester and Joan Fairlie      

Carey Ferris                                                

Luke Fields                                                  

Ted Fields                                                    

Victor Filepp                                               

Nicholas and Karen Fischer                  

Donna     Fisher                                          

Emily Fisher and Evan Griswold

Lola Flores                                                   

Karen and John Foley           

Stephen and Susan Forbes

Paul Formica                                              

Roberta and Christopher Foster        

Suzanne Foulkes                                       

Betsey Fox                                               

Clara Franklin                                            

Emmeline Franklin                                                    

Elma Frysinger                                          

Louis and Jane Fusaro          

Roxannah Gallagher                                                 

Joan Galliher                                              

Aida Garcia                                                 

Sidney and Sidney Gardner              

Heather Gayle                                           

Carleen and Donald Gerber                 

Claudia Geyer Tompson                                          

David  Gibson                                        

Martha Gibson                                          

Megan Gilbert                                        

James  Gilmartin                                                     

Jan and Michael Gingrich   

Joseph and Constance  Giordano                 

Trisha  Gist                                              

Dorothy Goettler                                     

Marvin  Goldie                                         

Steven and Susan Goldstein             

Linnea  Golubchik                                                    

Glenn  and Pamela Gordinier          

Elizabeth Gordon                                     

Ellen  Gottfried                                                      

Beverly Goulet                        

Patricia Greatorex

Priscilla and Garrett Green

Barbara Greene                                        

Isabel and Raymond Greenhalgh      

Michael Greenhouse                                                

Sanford Greenhouse and Jo-el Fernandez

Barbara Gregg                                           

Chuck Griffith                                            

Susan Griggs                                               

Gail Grillo                                                    

Ken Groth                                                    

Bradley Guarino                                       

Marta Guisti                                           

Russell and Arlene Gundlach            

Chris  Gunther                                     

Danielle Guzman                                      

Therese Haberle                                       

Robert and Connie Haberman            

Andrea and Phillip Hagaman             

James and Shirley Hammel                  

Katie Hammond                                       

Richard and Judith Hanratty                

Elizabeth Harbison                                                    

Journee Hardaway                                                    

Charles and Elizabeth Harding            

Columbus and Paula Hardy                  

Edward and Maria Hargus  

Kristin  Harkness                                                      

Olivia  Haskell                                        

Linda   and Waldo Hatch

Barbara Hayford                                       

Nancy and Randall Heath   

Mary and Jan Heckman       

Conrad  Heede                                         

Linda  and Paul Helvig     

Myron and Rita Hendel    

Susan  Hermanson                                                 

Terry  Hermanson                                                 

Andrea   Higgins                                        

Virginia Hill                                                   

Allison Hine                                             

Ornet and Daniel Hines       

Joseph and Regina Hitchery             

Dan Hogan                                                  

Edward Hogan                                           

Terry and Marya Holcombe                 

David and Sara Holdridge   

James and Marjorie Hollister              

Christopher Holloway                                              

Hope Hottois                                             

Astrea Hupfel                                         

Connie and Mark Hurtt     

Sara Ingram                                        

Alexandra Isles    

Loyal  Jacob                                           

Francine Jacque                                        

Diane James-Hart and Steve Hart

Helen Jankoski                                          

Katie Jaye                                                    

Jean and Art Jerbert             

April-Ann and Lloyd Johnson              

Jan Johnson                                                

Joan Johnson                                             

Marion   Johnson                                    

Ron   Johnson                                      

Bonnie and Robert Wallace              

Sherry  and Thomas Johnston          

Joan Jones                                           

Susan Jones                                           

Jere    Jordon                                        

Tajee  Julius                                           

Ann Keating                                       

Eileen Keely                                           

Janice Kelly                                             

Elisa  Kennedy                                    

Margaret Kenny                     

George  and Jackie Kiefer   

Jeremy Kiefer                                          

Carol  Klimek                                         

Amy  Kobelski                                     

Ann  Koletsky                                      

Rosanne Kotowski                                                     

Dean  Kraska                                         

Catherine Krenicky and Paul Narducci

Avalon LaBlanc                                       

Carolyn Lally                                               

John  Lamar                                          

John and Mary LaMattina  

Linda  Lane                                             

Anne and Dave Lang             

Charles Lavarge                                        

Mary Lenzini and Sam Thomas

Leslie Leone                             

Caren and Robert Linden    

Amanda Lindberg                                    

Sandra and David Long        

Rose Longo                                                 

Andrew Lopez                                           

Debra Lorick                                          

Brandon Louison                                      

John Loynes                                                

Erica and Joshua Lupo         

Bruce and Gail MacDonald

Crystal MacLean                                                      

Colleen MacNeil Freeman and Carl Freeman

Janice MacNeilly and Mike Sanders

Patricia Madry      

Ron and Julie Malloy            

Janis and Lawrence Malone                

Robert and Christine Mangiafico       

Julia Manners                                            

Geniene Marco                                         

Anthony Marcucci                                                     

Patricia Marino                                         

Eric and Renee Marion        

Dolores Markowicz                                                   

Robert and Grace Marrion

Jane Marsh                               

Suzanne Maryeski                                                     

Joseph and Mary Kate Mason         

Ramon Masso-Flores and 

Ivonne Isern-Masso

Raymond Mastronunzio                                         

Ranjit Mathews                                                     

Toby  Matthew                                                      

Matthew McLoughlin and Mary Jukoski

Alexandra and John Matthiessen      

Caterina Maxwell                                     

Krista  May                                             

Shelley McBride and James Bell

Terry McCarthy and Laureen Pierandi

Barbara McCredie                                                     

Rebecca McCue and

Luis Rodriquez-Torres

Mary McGrattan and Robert Walsh

Bobbie and Jean McGuire                  

Michael McGuirk                                      

Connie McIntyre                                                      

Dylan McKee                                              

Ellen McKee                                               

Michael McKee                                         

Frederick McKeehan                                                

Hugh and Robyn McKenney                

Nancy McLoughlin                                                 

John  McMahon                                                   

Patricia McNamara                                                   

John and Katrina  McNight

Teresa  McShane                                                     

Anne and Kenneth Megan

Carole Mehta                                         

Cynthia and William Mello

Matthew and Pamela Mentone         

Joy Merrill                                                   

Jo Michaelson                                           

Ann Miller                                                   

Joshua Miller                                          

Rebecca Miller                                          

Janet Minella-Didier                                                 

Justin  Miranda                                     

Theodore Montgomery                                           

Barbara and Perry Montrose                                                  

Larissa Montrose-Nahari

Joanne  Moore                                        

John and Rita Moore            

Tambria Moore                                         

Joanne  and Michael Morton              

Jade Mueller-Galbraith                                            

Jennifer Muggeo                                      

Edward Murphy and Doris Edmond

Mary Murphy Fiengo                              

Joseph Murray                                       

Anne Myers                                                

Riley Myhaver                                           

Barbara Nagy and Mark Oefinger     

Eliza Nichols                                               

Jane and Thomas Nolan      

Geraldine and  Richard Nolin         

Esther and Timothy Norris               

Frances Nugent                                        

Ifeoma Nwokoye                                                     

Kathleen and Frank O'Beirne              

Charles O'Connor                                     

Bill O'Shaughnessy                                                    

Hillary Oat                                               

Erik Oddsund                                             

Lucy Ofner                                                  

Melissa Rodhe                                           

Chase Rogers   

Sarah Rogovin and Mark Twiss

Donald    Rolfe                                            

Karen Rollins                                              

Matthew Rollins                                       

Teresa and Peter Roper      

Mary Rose Minister                                

Carolyn Ross                                              

Mary and  Warren Ruddlesden          

Sandra and William Rueb   

Margaret Rush                                          

Sarah Ryan                                                  

Polly Sabo                                                   

Raymond Sacha                                        

Darcy Sachs                                                

Ariel Salerno                                              

Liz Samuelson                                            

Helen Sandalls                                           

Carol and Martin Sanders   

Candace Sanford                                      

Shannon Santini                                       

Janet Sauer                                                 

Diana Saunders                                         

Robert Scala and Ellen Chu

Aiden Scales                                          

Anne Scheibner                                        

Judith Schiavone                                      

Albert Schlein  and Cynthia Lee-Schlein

Gabriella Schlesinger                                                

John and Christine Schmidt

Michael Schmitt                                       

Alice and Milton Schroeder                 

Barrett Seals and Sara Ofner Seals

Deanna and David Seals      

Marilyn Searle                                           

Christopher Seery                                                      

Camille   Shakkour                                                    

Leila Shakkour                                           

Peter Shakkour                                         

Martha Shanahan                                                      

Anne Sharpe                                              

Gail Shea and Thomas Haggerty

Katharine and Edward Shepherd       

Tony and Margaret Sheridan              

Gary Shettle                                               

Laura Shiembob                                       

Helen Siciliano                                           

Jason Sienkowski                                     

Gerald and Joan Silberberg              

Hollis Simmons                       

Jefferson Singer                                        

Christopher and Angela Sinko            

Linda and Kent Sistare         

Anthony and Andrea  Skiff

Ruth and Russell Smiley                 

Geoffrey Smith                                         

Shirley  Smith                                          

Susan and William Snyder  

Kathryn Spindler                                      

Ronald  and Roxanne Steed               

Ken and Barbara Stenzler   

Pamela Stevens and Thomas Moriarty

Freddy  Stokes                                         

Luke Stoneback                                        

Kate and Brian Straub          

James and Irma Streeter     

Nancy Strohla                                            

Charles Strutt                                            

Bernie  and Dorthy Stumpf                

Susan Surova and Edward Janusz

Jean Swanfeldt                                          

Jason  Taggart                                       

John Talbott                                               

Barbara and Harold Tarbox                 

Barbara and John Boettcher               

Nancy and Bob Tessier        

Elizabeth Thayer                                       

Grant Thomas                                      

Jim and Emmie Thomas      

Gerard   Thompson                                                   

Pamela and David Thompson             

Paul Thomson                                           

Kim Trew                 

Michael Tucchio and Gretchen Stanland

Lina and David Tuck              

John Umland                                              

Grace Vandal                                             

William Vehoeff                                       

Gabrielle Veilleux                                     

Luis Velasco                                                

Mia Velez                                                    

Dana Vendetto                                          

Betty Ventry                                               

Anne Viens                                                 

Rita and Robert Volkmann

Laura  Wagner                                      

Caroline Walters                                      

Margaret Warnken                                                   

Nancy and Lyle Watkinson

Elizabeth and Robert Webster           

Penny and John Webster    

Jay Weitlauf                                               

Daniel and Ann Derouaux  

Rikki and Madeline Wells   

Beth Weninger                                          

Hilary and Jess Wenzel        

Cheryl West                                                

David and Karen Westerberg              

Joan White                                                 

Nicolette White                                        

Elizabeth Whitley                                     

Grace  Wiersma                                                      

Barbara Wilder                                         

Cynthia and George Willauer              

Thomas Wilson                                         

David Wishart and Josephine Wilson

Jennifer and Peter Witherspoon       

Fidelina and James Weitlauf               

Marissa Woble                                          

Alison Woods                                        

Cee Cee Woods                                        

Martin Olsen                                              

Bonnie Page                                               

Loretta   Palembas                                                    

Arielle Papalimberis                                              

Marlies and George Parent                  

Nancy  and Ben  Parent     

Juliet  Parker                                         

Patricia and Paul Parulis      

Greg and Sarah Patella        

Thomas and Maria Patierno                

Margaret and Robert Patricelli           

Rosemarie and Michael Payne           

Douglas Pearce                                         

Elizabeth and Kevin Penfeld                

Mark and Deb Pereira          

Amy Perry                                                   

Dana Peters                                                

Anthony and Margie Petrilli                

Joan Phelps                                                

Derek Pirruccello                                     

Janie Pittendreigh                                                      

Ruth Plaisted                                             

Katie Poitras                                               

Allison Pollick                                            

Max Pont                                                     

William Posage                                         

Joel  Potter                                         

Kevin Potter                                               

Charles Potts

Louise and Andrew Proud  

John  Pyatt                                            

Thomas Pyatt                                            

Karen  Quinn                                          

Sharon  Rafnell                                        

Brenda  Ramesar                                     

Devon  Rancourt                                                      

Alexis  Rauth                                          

Len  Raymond                                                     

Nancy   Razee                                          

Eileen Reddy                                              

Tracee Reiser and Robert Hayford

Mirca Reyes                                               

Katharine Richards                                                    

Mike and Faye Richardson

Nancy and Kevin Rigdon     

Mary Rioux                                                 

Elizabeth and Grant Ritter  

Michael Roberson and Jean Allbee-Roberson

Ruth Robins                                                

Constance Robinson                                                 

William and Joanne Robinson                                                  

Terry  Wright                                        

Summer Wrobel                                       

Deirdre Wyeth                                          

Mary  Xu                                                 

Audrey Zakriski                                      

Catherine Zall                                            

David Zall                                                     

Emily Zall                                                     

Richard Zall                                                 

Hilda  Zeigler                      

Martin  Zeldis                                           

Shawna  Zito-Hannan and  Michael  Hannan

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