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Administrative Offices

730 State Pier Road

P.O. Box 1651

New London, CT 06320



Program Offices & Shelter

325 Huntington St.

New London, CT 06320


© 2018 New London Homeless Hospitality Center

A Quick Guide

to Fundraising

First, thank you for walking and coming together with us to help those experiencing homelessness!

Every dollar you raise will go toward HHC's programs. Even small gifts add up to make a big difference!

Here are some suggestions on how to ask your friends and family for support. If you have questions, our development manager, Barbara Monrose, is here to help. She's at 860-439-1573, ext. 131 or giving@nlhhc.org.


Arm yourself with a few facts about homelessness

Our 2017-18 report, with info about what HHC does and who we serve, is a great resource. It's at www.nlhhc.org/2018report.

Make it personal

Tell people why you are walking and why you care about homelessness.

Start by talking with a few people about why you want to help. You'll build up confidence to ask for support.

Ask with confidence

You're seeking support for a terrific organization and a terrific cause. You are giving people an opportunity to help others rebuild their lives, and create a stronger community.

Many people will want to help. Others will say no. It's not the right time, they are devoted to another worthy cause or they simply can't afford a gift at this point. Don't take it personally; thank them for considering your request and move on.

Ask for a specific amount

Otherwise people won't know if you're asking for $5 or $100. You know who you're talking with; decide what level is appropriate. If you're not sure, $20 is a good starting point.

Use emails and social media

Emails in particular are helpful. Social media posts are easy to miss and get lost in people's feeds. Wondering what to write? Here is a sample email.

Say thank you

Let people know how much you appreciate their help and keep them up to date on your successes.


Paper form

You can download a paper form, log gifts and collect cash and checks. Your supporters can also make a credit card gift in your honor on our website. Make sure they enter your name in the "special purpose" box at the bottom of the page.


Your can also create a fundraiser on the Walk's Crowdrise site. Crowdrise makes it easy for you to share your fundraiser by email or on social media. They make it fun, too! For details, see the box elsewhere on this page.

Use paper forms and Crowdrise

You can use both systems if you like.

How to report your gifts

When you come to the Walk, please submit a tally of what you have raised and bring any cash donations or checks.


​Contact us at giving@nlhhc.org or 860-439-1573, ext. 131.


Crowdrise makes it easy for you to share your fundraiser by email or on social media.

Go to www.crowdrise.com to find the Walk page. 

Getting started

Click on "Set up your Fundraiser" and follow the prompts to create

your own fundraiser or join a team that's already raising money.

Crowdrise will ask you to set a goal. Make it something comfortable. You can always raise it later. 

You also will be prompted for a sentence or two on why you are supporting HHC, and can also upload photos. Feel free to take any from our Crowdrise page or from our website at www.nlhhc.org.

How to share your fundraiser

Go to your dashboard to find buttons for sharing by email and on Facebook and Twitter.

You can experiment by sending an email to yourself. Try a social media post, too, and delete or edit it if you want to make changes.

Accepting gifts

Credit card gifts go directly to HHC. You can also accept cash or checks and log them manually as "offline" donations.