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No Going Back

Rachel was facing homelessness after she was laid off from her job and received an eviction notice from her landlord. She wasn’t sure what to do until she overheard a conversation about the New London Homeless Hospitality Center’s diversion program, which can help people avoid homelessness by paying first month’s rent and security deposit on a new apartment. 


At first, Rachel had trouble finding the right person to talk to, but after much persistence, she got connected with NLHHC’s diversion coordinator, Barbara. Barbara immediately became an advocate for Rachel and went out of her way to help. Within just two days, Barbara was able to get Rachel a check from the United Way New London County fund to help her get moved into a new apartment, avoiding homelessness. 


After years of renting single rooms, Rachel now has her own one-bedroom apartment and loves it. She is currently working two jobs at Dunkin Donuts and Dollar Tree. Having stable housing has also helped her in her struggle with addiction, and she now has six months of sobriety and says, “there’s no going back.” She recently adopted two tabby kittens, Lila and Jax, who have made her apartment truly feel like home. Everything has fallen into place for Rachel, and we couldn’t be happier for her. Her story is truly a story of resilience and persistence, demonstrating that anything is possible when you refuse to give up. Congratulations Rachel!

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