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Partnerships that Work

Our guests were walking easier after the AmeriCorps team from the Community Health Center offered a "Getting Grounded" clinic in our Respite Center in March 2016. They washed 30 guests’ feet and their podiatrist saw 26 patients.

We don’t work alone and we don’t duplicate what others do.


We collaborate regularly with other agencies, organizations and volunteers whose expertise will benefit our guests.

The network we have pioneered across the public and private sectors is cost-effective and efficient, reflecting the current best thinking on this challenging issue.

Every week, we bring together agencies to coordinate care for the 20 or so guests with the greatest current needs – from health services to veterans’ benefits.


We are seeing remarkable improvement in the creativity, timeliness and effectiveness of our joint response, serving hundreds of people over the course of a year.


This collaborative program has drawn attention from social service agencies around the state.


We work closely with hospital staff to identify visitors to the hospital who are experiencing homelessness.

L+M supports our Respite Center, provides sheets for the beds in the shelter, and partners with us regularly on a multitude of projects.

When a battalion chief told us his ambulance crew was picking up the same homeless people over and over, we drafted a joint plan to address the issue.

More than half our guests have struggled with substance abuse. Many are facing the challenge of serious mental illness.

We collaborate with SCADD and the Southeastern Mental Health Authority to encourage guests to accept treatment.

Getting medical care, including important prescriptions, can be a daunting challenge when you are without a home, but Community Health Center, Inc helps us make sure our guests are taken care of. Visiting staff from CHC come to the Hospitality Center twice a week to offer everything from routine blood pressure checks to referrals for more complicated medical issues. No one is ever turned away because of lack of insurance.

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