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2020-2021 at a glance

In our 2020-2021 fiscal year 553 different people stayed at the NLHHC shelter.  While each individual faced unique challenges, all shared a common goal--to return to housing.  During their shelter stay we worked to make every person feel welcome and recognized as a unique individual with his/her own story and goals.  


Some people left shelter without telling us their next step but for over 300 people we know that their transition was to housing.   In about half these cases, we helped speed their exit to housing by helping them get short term help with rent or security deposits. An additional 60 people left shelter for treatment programs.


Quicker exits from shelter allowed us to avoid the long waiting lists that once left many people who needed shelter outside.  Today most people in need of shelter can get access within a few days.  People are getting into shelter and out of shelter more quickly than ever before. Overall our average length of stay in shelter was 45 days compared to  over 75 days for other similar shelters in the state.

These are not 'just
homeless people.'
They are people
with talents and
hopes and dreams
-- and significant
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