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Donald took shelter at the Homeless Hospitality Center for only two days, but became connected with all the services the Center offers, then.  After his brief stay, he moved on to sober housing and now has his own place and a full time job


Chris quickly became homeless after he lost his job. With no support system in place, he lived outdoors in a tent for two years -- even in the most brutal winter nights.


John was thrilled to get a job at one of the local casinos. We helped him with a new resume, interview tips, and housing. We couldn't be happier for him.

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Greg was homeless when all of his possessions, including his wallet and all identification, were stolen. The Help Center assisted Greg in replacing his ID's and connecting him with a landlord. "I could never have done it without their help," Greg says.


As Mary Ellen reflected back on her time at the shelter, she notes that it was hard at first, but eventually, she was able to access a number of resources, including getting help finding a job and housing


Ramona lost her job and was evicted from her apartment. She spent years living with family members, including time caring for her aging parents. Her positive attitude and sense of humor helped her cope.


We've been helping Brenda look for an affordable apartment. Her smile is contagious. "Never give up," she says. "There's always a new beginning. Stay strong."


Raphael had never been homeless, but when he got divorced he lost everything. He found support and lots of help at HHC. It wasn't long before Raphael was hired as a department manager at Walmart, and he started saving toward housing. 
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