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Ending Homelessness

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Housing is the answer to homelessness.


Housing improves health. Housing supports recovery. Housing makes it easier for people to earn a living.


Housing gives people the chance to enjoy a quality of life we want for all our neighbors. 


For some, the transition to housing is largely self-directed. Others require very modest support, including very short-term financial assistance and help with housing location.

An additional percentage will require supports that continue into the first several months in their new homes with a focus on achieving financial stability and linking to community-based resources.

A small number of individuals leaving homelessness face real barriers to staying housed. For these individuals the longer-term supports provided by permanent supportive housing are appropriate.

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal visited our Vet House on Moutain Avenue in New London in 2015. The apartments offer transitional housing.

For individuals experiencing homelessness, the first challenge is to navigate
the transition from homelessness to housing.
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