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Administrative Offices

730 State Pier Road

P.O. Box 1651

New London, CT 06320



Program Offices & Shelter

325 Huntington St.

New London, CT 06320


© 2018 New London Homeless Hospitality Center

Meet our Guests


Raphael had never been homeless, but when he got divorced he lost everything. He found support and lots of help at HHC. It wasn't long before Raphael was hired as a department manager at Walmart, and he started saving toward housing. With assistance from his case manager he found a great new apartment.
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Greg was homeless when all of his possessions, including his wallet and all identification, were stolen. The Help Center assisted Greg in replacing his ID's and connecting him with a landlord. "I could never have done it without their help," Greg says.








Ramona lost her job and was evicted from her apartment. She spent years living with family members, including time caring for her aging parents. Her positive attitude and sense of humor helped her cope.
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Chris quickly became homeless after he lost his job. With no support system in place, he lived outdoors in a tent for two years -- even in the most brutal winter nights.
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Peggy had been living outdoors but got an apartment with our help. She had to set it up from scratch. It was furnished with community donations that ranged from furniture to flatware.







We've been helping Brenda look for an affordable apartment. Her smile is contagious. "Never give up," she says. "There's always a new beginning. Stay strong."









John was thrilled to get a job at one of the local casinos. We helped him with a new resume, interview tips, and housing. We couldn't be happier for him.


Our guest Allen served in the Coast Guard in his early 20’s. He worked 17 years as a Controller and Director of IT at a large company and made a six -figure salary, until the company was bought out and he lost his job.  After that, Allen still held jobs in accounting and had a stable life.


However, Allen’s life changed after he lost his home. The friend he had been living with for 5 years passed away and Allen was evicted from his friend’s house. Due to the eviction, Allen lost time from work and eventually lost his job. He was living out of his

car for 6 months and became depressed, feeling hopeless.

Police approached Allen when he was in his parked car at a rest stop and ended up taking him to the hospital. After discharge from the hospital, he was referred to the Homeless Hospitality Center through 211.


Allen arrived at our shelter on January 23, 2019. He immediately began using programs and services. He is doing the hard work of rebuilding his life.


Allen says, "The shelter staff and volunteers make you feel feel like a human being and like you are not worthless.” Every single time time he did a chore at the shelter, like sweeping the floors, a staff member member thanked him. Little things, like a thank you or being able to take a shower, have made a huge difference for Allen. Allen says, “ I am sure things will get better.”


The shelter has given Allen more than a place to rest his head at night. Allen found hope with the help of staff, volunteers, and being connected to counseling services. He has moved from the shelter into HHC's Veteran's House and will be moving to permanent housing soon!